About the blog

The Fujifeed blog is a space for Fujifilm photographers to publish their own content, articles, reviews, essays etc... It's a project made by Fujifeed magazine. The benefits for authors is multiple, they directly tap into Fujifeed existing audience (20k/visitors per month and 32k Instagram followers) and put their content in front of photographers and Fujifilm users.

We're looking for content of the following type:

  • Product reviews of camera, lenses, accessories etc... (example)
  • Essays about photography (not neccesarily Fujifilm specific)
  • Videos, vlogs (example)
  • Tutorials and how-to (example)
  • Photography project/series (example)
  • Behind the scene and making-of (example)

Usually our articles are between 300 (minimum) and 1500 words. All our authors get their own profile pages (example of an author profile) and receive full credit for their articles. Our articles are non-exclusive, which means authors are free to publish them elsewhere (on their own blog, or on other photography blogs and websites).

Submit an article

You can email the editors of Fujifeed directly at via this link
Please include a link to an existing article (not too old) or to a draft (a word file or Google doc link is fine).
Tell us briefly why do you want to publish on our blog and include links of where the article has been published already. We'll create you an author account and send you a log-in if your submission is selected by our editors.

Note: we don't publish articles that have already been published on major photography websites like PetaPixel, DIYPhotography, Fstoppers etc... We're looking for fresh content. If it's already published on your own blog it's fine. In order to keep the editorial of our blog we can't accept every articles we receive.

Due to the large number of submissions we receive our answer can be delayed by a few days.
Please be patient and be assured that your submission has been seen and read by an editor.


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